On Premise Laundry


DMW offer a large choice of laundry equipment for all types and sizes of onsite laundries from

7.5 kg coin-operated washers, large workload 25kg front load washers and a large range of gas and electric dryers. We know our clients are focused on us investing in equipment that is completely durable, long lasting and reliable

 We want to ensure that our large range of ecofriendly and water saving equipment is cost effective for your business while achieving fantastic results. We can provide our clients with durable space saving stack washer dryer combo’s,or Dexter dryers that feature heat reclamation to improve drying efficiency. We can optimise your laundering process, create less waste and increase your profit.

Whether you operate a hairdressing salon, laundrette, hotel, backpackers or manage units and apartments we have the solution for you.

We take great pride in our personal service approach and will support you all the way from selection to installation and ongoing maintenance and service when required.