Coin-Operated and Cashless Card Laundry Solutions









Coin-Operated Washers and Dryers

At DMW Industries we take the hassle out of running shared laundry facilities in apartment buildings backpackers and student accommodation. While coin-operated washers and dryers are a wonderful addition to your current shared laundry facilities DMW can take your current equipment to the next level with cashless Tap n Go modern vending machines. We can also offer a complete auditing system to compliment this new technology.

coin operated laundry
Financial Benefits
  • Shared laundry facilities specialists with no cost to the building
  • Arrange onsite inspections and reports
  • Upgrading of your current equipment, service and maintenance
Design and Installation
  • Clear signage on usage
  • Expert consultation on installation
  • Regular maintenance and coin collection
Customer Benefits
  • Great choice of modern washers and dryers
  • Clear contact details for prompt service repairs
  • Competitive vend pricing
  • Large range of the best equipment
  • Speed Queen, Dexter and Maytag
  • Space saving units available

Cashless Tap n Go. The Way of the Future

The cashless Tap n Go card technology option is now available and is fast becoming the most preferred option because it is user friendly and very reliable. This exciting innovation enables your clients to pay for their laundering via a cashless system which utilises a friendly credit card reader device attached to the machines. We are able to retrofit this new system to your existing vend machines. DMW have received wonderful positive feedback from people using this cashless payment system. This definitely seems to be the way of the future as we are fast becoming a cashless society. 

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Business Owner Benefits
  • Automatic tax receipts and complete auditing
  • Card payments into your nominated bank account in 24-48 hours
  • Flexible cycle options can be programmed into the machine
  • Computerised counters that cannot be reset
  • Less vandalism and increased security with no cash
Customer Benefits
  • Ability to use a wide range of cards
  • Visa Mastercard Apple pay Android
  • No need for coins
  • Direct access from your smart phone
  • Increased security and safety
coin operated laundry
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coin operated laundry